Equipment Particulars

So there are several “Optional” rules for Athas that apply to equipment. I’m pretty much taking all of them:

  • Metal stuff costs 100x the listed price. For example, if you want an actual iron long sword (instead of stone, bone, etc.) it costs 1500 gp, not 15 gp. Rare metals (cold iron, titanium) cost /at least/ 1000x the list price.
  • Metal armor: If for some insane reason you insist on wearing metal armor in the blazing heat of Athas, where daytime temperatures routinely exceed 120 degrees F, you incur a -5 penalty to Endurance checks and must consume double water rations.
  • Non-metal weapon breakage: If you are using a non-metal weapon and then you critical fumble, the weapon breaks and the attack is a miss. Broken weapons do only half damage until repaired. Metal weapons do not have this property (a critical fumble is just a miss).



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