Finding Names

Chazzon Talon and Krixos Grow Up

As the party makes their way out of the sewers of Tyr, they encounter Talara Vordon herself. She applauds their success at eliminating Templay Pythia, but also suggests that they get out of town… for a while. She hands Arya an important package and instructs her to deliver the package to the halfling village of Ogo, far North in the Forest Ridge. What a fabulous coincidence – both Talon and Krixos have an important quest to learn their true names from Talon’s tribe high in the Ringing Mountains not terribly far from Ogo! The party finds a displaced goliath named “Bear” who they drag along with them.

1) The party bribes the gate templars to get out of Tyr, where riots about melons are currently being brutally crushed by the templarate.

2) The party travels along the old mine roads and finds that House Vordon appears to be mining quite efficiently using undead laborers in the old mines. The legality of this is highly suspect (hint: it is straight up illegal).

3) The party travels further into the mountains, burning supplies steadily as the travel is slow go. Eventually, they cross the Ringing Mountains into the verdant Forest Ridge. Bear, using his nature skills notes a bush that has been transformed by a Druid. Soon, the party is visited by Eileen, a halfling druid laden with trophy skulls and surrounded by a horde of Osquips (small, gnawing rodents). She tells them of dangers in the Forest Ride, to include Kirre (giant octo-tigers) and a terrible corruption in a nearby grove. All dine well and have a delightful discussion.

4) Deeper in the forest, they discover the corruption and an undead druid who seems have some (but not all) of his faculties left. As he and a mess of zombies move in to murder the party, he uses his last good senses to tell them to burn the corrupted forest down. The party massacres the zombies and then decides to return to Eileen to ask for her advice on the corruption.

5) Eileen believes that druid rituals might be better than burning the forest down, but soon realizes that unless the source of the corruption is dealt with, no rituals will help. Despite the risk to herself, she agrees to accompany the party to the center of the corruption.

6) The party discovers that at the center of the corruption is a Dark, Twisted Treant, no doubt created by horrible defiling magicks. They proceed to attack it for a few rounds, but since it is a tree, it mostly resists their initial attacks of slings and swords. The party evolves their attacks to include fire, lightning, and radiance and finds that those things work much better on evil trees. Unfortunately, the inert tree starts corrupting Eileen the Druid, who is rendered helpless. As the corruption begins to overtake her, she cries out for them to strike her down. Krixos, who was carrying her at the time to get her away from the tree, promptly throws her to the ground. Rikus then beheads her. Eerily, she then retrieves her head and turns into a terrible undead before their very eyes. Come on!

7) The party defeats Undead Eileen, finishes destroying the dark treant, and gets out of the blackened wasteland.

8) After two more hard days of travel, the party arrives at the Kenku village. Chazzonlings (young Kenku) greet the party with wonderment and point them in the direction of the Chief’s tent.

9) The party meets Chief Severe Infection and Chazzon Talon’s (surprisingly still alive and incredibly ancient) Grandma Crushed by Boulder. After some small talk, they describe the Bok Choy (the naming ritual of the Kenku) and tell them that all Kenku participants must provide some silver, 3 gallons of hard booze, and the root of a rare plant from the Forest Ridge. The non-kenku participants still have to bring the hard booze and the Chief freely acknowledges that the effects of the ritual on non-kenku are random and dangerous at best.



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