On Loan to Agis

Shockingly, after the party lost several of Sariah’s minions in the last mission, she loaned them out to the powerful Agis of House Asticles for a mission of his choosing. Agis indicated that his mightiest compatriots had investigated the Old Tyrian mines that the party had uncovered. They had retrieved the epic opera singer: Mega-issimo and discovered terrible powers at work there. With that said, what had been there just a few days before had escaped, presumably with a contingent of mighty steel golems in tow.

Agis states that his greatest priority is discovering the identity of the forces at work. Recognizing the absolute criticality of this task, he assures the party that he is assigning the best adventurers available to him on the job. Specifically, not them.

However, while his best adventurer’s are tasked, he needs the party to go forth and get Mega-issimo cured of his terrible “Voice Curse” which causes his voice to be so bombastic that he harms all around him when he speaks above a whisper. Agis instructs the party to transport Mega-issimo to an old friend, Aristiphilines, mayor of the trading outpost Altaruk. Agis believe Aristiphilines can help fix the curse.

The party loads Mega-issimo upon a gigantic mekillot (slow, lumbering, turtle-like beast of burden) and lurches out to the terrifying wastes separating Tyr from Altaruk.

As all would expect, after a day or so of travel, the “caravan” is attacked by Elven raiders from a particularly minor and insane tribe. The party makes short work of them and trudges on.

On the second night of travel, a sandstorm becomes increasingly ferocious limiting visibility. Luckily, this quickly became low on the priority list as the party is attacked by terrifying dune freaks: Anakore. Tents and gears shredded and tossed, Mega-issimo dislodged from his mekillot perch, these monstrosities drop and drag several members of the party before finally being forced back into defeat.

Injured and disoriented, yet alive, the party goes about the business of restoring Mega-issimo to his beast.



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