On Loan to Agis, Part II

Finding family

The party manages to work together to get Mega-issimo back on his Mekillot and they continue to travel to Altaruk, the trading village run by Aristiphilines.

When they arrive, it is clear that the town has suffered extreme damage from attacks. They learn that the town has been viciously besieged by both silt cultists and beast-headed giants. The town is very crowded, since no travelers wants to be stuck outside the (battered) fortress when giants or silt cultists come a calling.

The party is offered a small section of the “extremities” (the euphemistic way of saying the town dump). Quickly, they split up into groups.

The first group uses its strength to help clean up the town, to the delight of the guards. At least, to their delight until Rikkus discovers his long-lost sister amongst some slaves. The slave trader is willing to part with her for 100 cp (which ain’t cheap), but Rikkus refuses to pay. A disagreement occurs, ending in violence and both the slaver and Rikkus being hauled off to prison. Rikkus’s sister demonstrates some handy abilities: she literally summons a hand of silt to try to kill the slaver.

Meanwhile, the party goes to the Deputy Mayor, Salvador Extrapants. Lana finds a crusty old dwarf guarding the Deputy Mayor and the disgusting dwarf immediately becomes disturbingly smitten with her, which she immediately begins to spin to her advantage. The Deputy Mayor explains that Aristiphilines left the town several days ago, as he is want to do and that perhaps the beautiful Greta at the Murky Mekillot Inn might have a clue as to his whereabouts.

The party sweet talks Greta and learns that Aristiphilines apparently went to “deal with” the silt cultists. Further, the party searches the ruins of Aristiphilines house, which was demolished in the recent battle with the giants.

After learning of Rikkus’s imprisonment, the party cuts a deal with the Deputy Mayor to retrieve Aristiphilines in exchange for freeing Rikkus from prison. Rikkus notes some odd behavior from Naeva (his sister), who appears to be both mildly insane and perhaps even a silt cultist herself.

The crusty old dwarf, Dlagus, “procures” a silt skimmer for the party and insists that they leave very early in the morning. He doesn’t care to elaborate as to why.

Soon, the party is skimming along at a ponderously slow pace, making their way to the cultist island. They are viciously attacked by Silt Sharks, but they prove to be nothing that the party can’t handle.



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