On Loan to Agis, Part III

The Real Dust Suffersby

The party arrives on the makeshift island in the middle of the Sea of Silt and finds a small dock with a disassembled silt skimmer already there. Who’s skimmer might that be? Wisely, the party leaves behind Lana and Dlagus (the crusty, horny dwarf smitten with Lana) to take apart and guard the Silt Skimmer. Dlagus succeeds in taking apart the skimmer (although reassembly may be a challenge). He does not succeed in scoring with Lana due to the frequent dropping of corpses around them (read on).

They begin to climb the tip of the mountain range that helps form this island and on the way they discover a bloated, drowned body of a silt cultist. They note strange hash markings on the head of the cultist: perhaps an indication of rank.

The party reaches the crest of the range and looks down to see a stone manor, a half-finished tower rising from the stone manor, and a large stone quarry being worked by cultists. Wisely, the party splits in two: a group to stay behind and hide while the “stealthy” members of the party go forth to scout. Unfortunately, the forward party doesn’t do as well with stealth as they hoped and are intercepted by a group of cultists. After a momentary exchange, they are effectively shooed away from the island.

In the meantime, the not-stealthy party finds a separate group of cultists that are apparently a broken off faction from the main cultists. They mention the treachery of a new cultist: Dust Suffersby who is obsessed with building a spire to bring Siltos (Lesser Paraelemental Lord of Silt) to Athas… in person. This would probably be bad for all those that don’t like Silt (Hint: Most everyone). The party thrashes the rebel contingents’ hospital, leaving no dangerous medics or survivors behind. Dead bodies go flying off the cliffs to the silt below.

The party learns of “Crazy Annie” a Water cleric who protects a small well nearby on a tiny mudflat. Annie is aged and snake-encrusted, but otherwise supportive of the broader mission of “killing those damn Silt Cultists.” With some serious convincing she agrees to support the party in their quest to assault the Silt Cultist fortress.

Naeva, sister of Rikkus, says and does all kinds of crazy shit too ridiculous too recount here. That’s why you gotta show up, for the disturbingly hilarious stuff that happens in session. Some of her actions lead to dead bodies going over the edge of a cliff, cock-blocking Dlagus.

The party dresses up like Cultists and walks right into the Stone Manor. They are instructed to see Dust Suffersby who is in the stone tower that they saw earlier. As they approach, the world becomes monchromatic and flecks of light sparkle in the air. As they enter, they hear a voice leap into action to start chanting and murmuring all manner of things spell-like. They are noticed!

As they reluctantly come forward to the cloaked figure, he recognizes Arya Falconsflight and identifies himself not as “Dust Suffersby”, but rather as Aristiphilines – the very dude that they were seeking out. He explains that he used his powerful sense of persuasion and the remarkable stupidity of the Silt Cultists to divide and conquer them. He is constructing this tower to close a “fracture” that would allow Siltos to come to this realm. There is still a good bit of work to do on completing the tower, so he deputizes the party to help speed things along.



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