Talara *pause* Vordon's Special Mission, Part 2

The Great Melon Revolution

1) Talara Vordon is tired of not being able to trade iron and she’s done with waiting for changes. She has identified that Chief Templar Pythia (of the Chamber of Commerce) is really the key blocker in this effort, but his lieutenant, Vice-Chief Templar Tithian (of the Chamber of Commerce) seems a lot more willing to work with House Vordon.

2) The party meets Lusty Bossomteets, a perky young halfling with ample… personality and a vast array of… skills. Lusty falls right on in with the party.

3) Arya gathers her team of mercenaries: Chazzon Talon (Kenku), Rikus (Mul), Chak-ka (“Thri-kreen”), and Chavanda Cutubitch (Human). Chavanda gives sass to Lusty, who poisons the Hell out of Chavanda and then the two become fast friends.

3) The party goes to Darrogan, the bureaucrat who keeps Pythia’s schedule. They manage to chunk him a phat wad of ceramic pieces in order to get a nondescript meeting with Pythia in a few days.

4) The party goes back to the Warrens of Tyr and has a big planning meeting. During that meeting a very drunken goliath named Daz (it is a common name) start wrecking the neighborhood demanding a house that doesn’t appear to be his. The party first negotiates with and then kills him, stealing his mace and his melon.

5) The party starts spreading discord with respect to Pythia amongst the common people getting an ad hoc riot force going. It isn’t terribly effective at first, but they keep coming up with more and more elaborate lies about the templars hording melons and the like. The common people are already pretty screwed, so this stuff goes a lot farther than usual.

6) The party goes back the next day to negotiate with Darrogan again, looking for some way to pin the (soon to be) murder of Pythia on him. They give Lusty a chance to negotiate with him, but the negotiations go south and she ends up murdering him. The party steals some documents from his desk and then she takes them behind the building to show the body. They quickly hide the body in the sewers and then work diligently to find some lantern oil. This takes a comically large amount of effort before Talon just snatches some that was right there. They set the templar office ablaze and get the heck out of there.

7) Finally, the party sneaks back into the templar district at night and makes their way to Templar Pythia’s home. They sneak in the back way, finding his wife cooking. They leave behind Lusty to “deal with her.” She does.

8) The party makes their way to the surprisingly well guarded receiving room of Pythia. They babble something incoherent about trade deals or something and then get on with killing the dude. They find that he has not one but TWO pet Cilops (massive hunting beasts with deadly attacks) that rush in to his defense, doing lots of damage to the party. Pythia’s guards start flooding in, many of them getting slaughtered by Arya. Pythia himself goes down relatively fast at the hands of Chavanda, Rikus, Talon, and Chak-ka. The Cilops lay on heaping helpings of damage and things look touch and go, until…

9) Lusty comes rushing down the hall with a giant barrel of oil. She lights that mother, routing the Cilops and setting the place on fire. She explains that the fighting drew attention from templars outside and they were about to have company. She explains that she has already planted evidence implicating that Darrogan had motive to kill Pythia and it was time to move. The party gets the heck out of the blazing templar compound and makes their way back to the sewers.



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